Overlapping UVs


Is it ok to have overlapping Uv’s when you finished the coocking?
I mean do you realy have to “Adjust the content” even if it looks good?

Overlapping UVs is just a warning, if the lighting looks good ignore it.

The Engine is just suggesting if the lighting looks bad, its might be related to overlapping UVs.

Well the textures looks great anyway …, just wondering if Epic will say it’s not good to sell because of those warnings or not.

If you’re making something to sell on the marketplace while it might look OK in the way you have it placed, it might not look good for the way the person is using it. I’m not sure if Epic will require you to fix it though.

Well as someone who buys stuff as well as part of a fair size content team and you have errors “FIX IT” :wink:

It’s just bad form to expect someone else to fix the problems you (in general) have created

At any rate you can overlap and even tile the colour UV map but an overlap error usually occurs when the lightmap channel is overlapping or tiled.

Ok thx for the the replys i will fix it.

Just one question, any good quick ways to find/fix the overlapping UV’s ?
i can barely see it when it’s less then 1 % overlapping, makes it hard to track what might be wrong so i can fix it. Thx.

Nevermind, i found what was causing the problem inside my 3D application and fixed it.

Yeah in the 3D software (at least in 3ds Max) it can select faces that may be inverted or overlapping.