Overlapping UV?

Hey recently created a trial run on doing a landscape. When you test play the level it’s all dark.
I have tried both a sky box and directional lighting with the atmospheric fog (fog works fine)

When I imported the mesh it gave the warning that there were overlapping UV.

I’m guessing this is because I haven’t applied a UV map at all. I know parts of the mesh overlap (small parts not worth getting rid of that it was nearly impossible to create a proper angle by removing: like where two mountains meet)

Reading other’s answers i just need to create a UV map of the surface area and the problem will be fixed correct? I’m not 100% sure as i’ve never done a mesh this large, or had the error before and would appreciate some feed back on it.

If you havent UV mapped your mesh you propably have a default UV map that is overlapping. When UV mapping the meshes you need either one non overlapping UV set, but that usually requires alot bigger textures. Or you need 2 UV sets, one for the texture(s) one for the light map. The light map one is tha one that cant overlapp. The mesh actually overlapping has nothing to do whith this. Its the overlap in the UV layout thats the problem. If you are working in Maya you need to use the UV set editor to create 2 UV sets. To save time you can create one overlapping set for texture, then copy it in the UV set editor and then rearrange the second UV set to be non overlapping.Thats how i do it most of the time.

Thanks for that info.
I meant to take this down. I’m using blender and i was able to just select everything and unwrap and it fixed it right away. Still acting funny and I’m about to do a post on that but appreciate you giving me more info on how i could do textures and light…