Overlapping Uv/ Lightmap

I’m having overlapping UVs and with the new automatic generation, I don’t know how to fix it (there are no tutorials whatsoever)
You can see that it created and (maybe) fixed it, but the problem continues. I don’t know how to make unreal read these uvs it created.alt text

I couldn’t see this in your images in the details panel on the right, but make sure that you’ve set the Lightmap Coordinate Index to 1 and that it’s not set to 0.

You can do this by going to the details panel on the right > Static Mesh Settings > Advanced rollout > Lightmap Coordinate Index.

It looks like you have a good Lightmap set up on UV Channel 1.

This section on our Wiki Lighting Troubleshooting Guide should help explain the settings for generating lightmaps and setting them properly.

nevermind, I had selected the wrong one on blender. It’s working right now, but why can’t I have stacking? It’s a huge waste of UV space if I had to have all my blinds in different places.

You can use Overlapping (stacking) UV islands for your texture UV with no problem. The Lightmap UV cannot be setup that way though. It needs it’s own unique texture with no Overlapping UVs. This is because each UV islands will get it’s own custom baked shadows. If they are overlapping the shadow information for one mesh will appear on another mesh resulting in shadow issues.

So I can ignore these notifications if there arent any anomalies and the lightmap is correct? They are happening with most of my assets even though nothing seems wrong.

Right. It’s a warning that there would be issues. If you’re happy with what you’re seeing you can choose to ignore the warning about Overlapping UVs.