Overlapping trigger volumes & gamepad input

Hi there,

I’m new to the Unreal engine, and have a question relating to overlapping trigger volumes.

I’ve set up an object (using a blueprint) that changes the colour of a light based on gamepad input. Individual instances of the object work without any issue, however if the trigger volumes of two instances overlap, only one of the blueprint graphs seems to execute (the colour of the second light remains constant).

Any idea why this is? Thanks for your help!

Without a blueprint showing what you did, it will be difficult to help you but as a first idea i would do a “overlapping actors” and from this array do a “for each loop” and “cast to light bp” then from this cast set your light color.

Hi Fen,

Thanks for the quick response… I’ve added in a screenshot from the blueprint editor of node graph in question:


So when the player enters the trigger box, input should be enabled on the actor and a timer starts to make the lights flash. Then, when the player uses the d-pad the lights should change colour… which works for one of the objects, just not both simultaneously.

In your blueprint, i see a reference to “Disco light” only, which is one light. Add a reference for the second light and connect it as you did for the first one, it would work. (if you are in level blueprint, select it in level and right click : add reference)

There isn’t a second instance of the Blueprint script executing on the second object? This is a class Blueprint so I would have thought that the “Disco Light” variable would be referencing the light from the object that the blueprint instance is tied to.