Overlapping Components Problem

I’m trying to make a top down grid based puzzle game.

I have a actor blueprint that has a cube and then a number of collision boxes that are for detecting what is in the next squares.
My idea was to have all of the collision boxes in an array and then a ForEachLoop that goes through each one detecting what is in the adjacent squares.
The collision boxes are in a Actor Component variable array.

Here is where I am running in to my problem. When I drag out from the array element of the ForEachLoop it doesn’t seem to want to connect to the GetOverlappingComponents node.
Am I using the correct node for this?

What’s the variable type of the array? Can you post pictures of your code?

The array is actor component

Well there’s your problem. The Array contains actor components while the Get Overlapping Components node requires a primitive component.

Is there a different node that would work?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You should be able to change your array variable type to a primitive component and add your collision boxes to it.

I tried that earlier and it still wouldn’t connect. Just had to create a new ForEachLoop and its now connected.

Thanks for helping me. Much appreciated :slight_smile: