Overlapping components / Pickup / Performance question ? (+ a bonus question youhou)


Maybe not a big deal here, but i’m just wondering some little question about performance.
I was playing with a pickup system these last days (but no destroy actor node in it, is it better with it ?).

The aim is to make a pickup system where the pickup could be picked by several players but only one at a time.
When a player is standing on it after the pickup was picked up, this one can’t re-appear.
When the pickup stays 3 seconds without someone overlap itself, it reappears and reset the DoOnce so someone else can pick it up.

So here is the question : What’s the best way to make it between both pictures below ?
Both are working, and I think there is no big difference in performance costs for one pickup like that, but let’s multiply these blueprints a bit, and what’s the best ?

  • First one is using an integer variable that i increment or decrement for checking how many actors I got on my PickUpCollision Box
  • Second one is using the GetOverlapping function and table.

AND NOW… The Bonus Question !!! haha !

Well nothing directly linked with this question above, but linked with Blueprint, and I didn’t want to make a new topic for it. There is already another one existing here about this but no answer =(
Here is the link : Difference between add component via blueprint and editor - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

So, as this post says :
What’s the difference between the “Add component” button in the component panel and the “add component nodes” ?
And why, when I add, let’s says a “AddArrowComponent” node in the Construction Script, this one doesn’t show up in the Component panel ?
(There is just the “Defaultsceneroot” component in the component panel and not the arrows, even though these ones are well-added)

It could have been convenient to see them directly there.
Perhaps, I’m doing something wrong but I just wanted to know.

Thanks in advance !

Have a great day !