Overlapping Actor doesnt work on models?

Hey there,

so currently i’m working on a Building system which is not using the enignes box collisions to get overlappings.

Furthermore i use triangle models as my bulding system is only triangle based.
So to indicate where a player can snap the next triangle im using triangle models, which are transparent and when the player is in building mode it will highlight up

Snapping the triangle i want to build to one of the highlighted works perfect.

When i build the triangle it has an construction script where it builds the transparent triangles. And those transparent trinagles should check if they can be built or not by checking if they are getting overlaped at build time.

But somehow it doesnt really want to work.

Using normal Box Collision instead of the triangle models seems to work but using the traingel as collision seems not to …
This is the construction BP of the triangle which is performed before begin play

and this is the begin play event

As i said checking the Collision Box in the construction script works and it destroys the triangle or better said the scene where the triangle should be built. but checking the Staic mesh instead of the collision box doesnt work.

My wild guess: when you use a collision box, you destroy the triangle and it’s okay. When you use the triangle itself, you destroy this very triangle, and there’s no overlapping any more, and since there’s no overlapping, it’s created again?

Maybe don’t destroy the triangle, but make it invisible or red to show you can’t build there?

And do your triangles have collision volumes?

this is my process:

  1. Build a simple triangle Holo, so that i can snap my first triangle foundation right where the holo is.
  2. During placement i destroy the holo as it is overlapped trough the triangle foundation i builded and not needed anymore.
  3. the triangle foundation that is builded has now 2 processes it starts:
    -Construction Script
    3.1 Construction script fires first:
    In this i do the checking for the holos i want to build. in the Blueprint class i have a scene component for every holo (3 in total), that have the coordinates where the holos should be build. I also trid it with static meshes instead of the scene component but same problem. So if the scene or static mesh (neitherworks) detects an overlapping of another actor it destroys the child component of the triangle foundation.
    3.2 BeginPlay fires
    First it checks if the child component is still valid and only if its valid it gets build/spawned. But that would also mean i hasnt detected any overlappings

Collission volumes? i only have the static mesh of the Holo triangle and of the triangle foundation and also set up the collision for both to overlapall