Overlap trigger should cause an explosion

hey everyone! I have a very basic rookie question, I’m just switching over from unity, so please go easy on me :smiley:
What i want to achieve: I have a trigger box and the example particle explosion shipped with ue4. Player overlaps / enters the trigger box, explosion should start at a specific location. How can this simple thing be done, I’m trying this out since ages, haha :slight_smile:

Hi peaks,

How can this simple thing be done

1st step, add overlapp event to your triger box(event will be created @ level BP)

2nd step, spawn your emmiter at necessary location then event fire

I recommend to you to read the documentation(please see link below) if you have not already done it.

Best wishes,

Hey !

Thank you for your reply! While I waited for an answer, figured it out by myself :') but, ofc thank you so much for your answer!! I just got one question, what’s the difference between the “make vector”-node and typing in the xyz directly at the spawn emitter location?


there’s no functional difference how you enter the vector.

allright! thank you!