Overlap Preventing SpawnActor

If two objects have their collision response set to Overlap should this prevent SpawnActor from spawning one on top of the other?

I have a WeaponDrop actor that represents a dropped weapon in the game that is set to ‘Overlap’ the Pawn actor. The Pawn actor is set to overlap the WeaponDrop actor. When I attempt to spawn the WeaponDrop actor at the location of the Pawn it fails. If I set either of the collision channels to Ignore the other it succeeds.

Is this the intended behavior of Overlap and SpawnActor?

Hey i think its due to the Spawn parameters.
Take a look at.


Try setting it to false and it should do the trick.

Hey I tried that again and it worked. First time I tried it I must not have had my collision settings where I thought they were and assumed it had no effect.

Thank You!

Glad i was able to help out.
Happy programming.