Overlap one trigger box cancels out another. Why? (Help)

So in my level, I have a trigger box set up to start when the player walks through, simple. But later I added more triggers and for some reason the first trigger I placed in my level cancels out of the new triggers I placed.

They don’t overlap each other or anything. I don’t know why this happens. I made sure the trigger box isn’t overlapping a mesh collision because I had that trouble before. But for some reason when I walk the character through that first trigger, the other one won’t work.

I do have a “destroy actor” connected to the first trigger in the level BP, but the one that gets cancelled out isn’t connected to it at all. It’s in it’s own set up. Any ideas why this happens?

Problem fixed.

If you fixed your problem please at least explain what you did so other people who find this post from searching the problem can solve their problems too.

Well I don’t know why this was happening, but I had a “destroy actor” node and it was connected to nothing other than being connected to the “begin overlap”… And when I connected a reference to the trigger box that I was suppose to destroy everything worked just fine.

My guess would be because after the overlap the destroy actor was set to “self” by default instead of an actor reference it may have destroyed all the triggers or something. So make sure everything is connected the right way, something small as this may cause a problem for everything.

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