Overlap not working as expected

Having trouble with overlap events.
End overlap event sometimes fires every tick. Jumping can stop / start this behaviour. With this example blueprint the print string functions fire continuously. Not sure what I am missing with this one or is it a bug?

Interesting. I have the exact same setup as you and it only fires once upon begin/end of the overlap. Jumping into and out of the volume fires it correctly as well. What does your capsule volume look like in the level? Any way you could post a video of the issue as well?


I have been testing this a bit & made a new project based off the blueprint first person. Same bug happens stright out of the box.

I put up a wee video of it.

Essentially I started a new project.
Made my new class blueprint as simple as I could.
Dropped blueprint in level.
Play in editor.
Bam. overlap seems to be borked.

It might be a hardware issue. I have a little bit of a strange setup with quadro cards. I know they can cause some issues with games as they are not designed to be gamed with. Im not sure. Nobody else seems to be having the same problem.

I might be missing something really obvious.


I’ve confirmed this now on both the Live Build as well as our updated internal build. I’ve also confirmed that this issue is currently in our database and is being reviewed by our team. Thank you for posting the issue, and please continue to post any issues that you come across so that we may verify that they have been entered into our database or create new issues for them for our team to review!



Thanks a bunch.

Hi Wes, was this patched? I’m having trouble where my overlap triggers won’t stop firing in version 4.13

I am now having the same problem my triggers firing like hell and we are now in version 4.16.2.
I have made pictures of my swinging door, it works, but the leave-trigger fires the hole time when I will open the door.

Viewport picture

Event graph picture