Overlap not detected on clients

I’m working on a multiplayer game and I have a recurring problem with overlaps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The overlaps are detected on the server, but the overlaps are never detected on the clients. I’ve used visual graph debugging and print strings to confirm this is the case. Additionally, this has been the case with all of the objects I have tried to get to overlap.

This is fairly annoying as there are simple actions I want to take on the client when these overlaps occur (ex: play a sound on the client). I’ve been using RPCs as a work around since the server doesn’t have a problem detecting the overlaps, however this just seems like such a waste to generate net traffic (negligible as it is) for something that should also just work client side. Not to mention it introduces seemingly unnecessary delays in the execution of these actions since the client has to wait for the RPC from the server.

For a specific example, I have a pickup that I launch through a goal. The goal is a static object loaded in with the map. The pickups are dynamic objects spawned by the server and replicated to the clients. On overlap, I want to play a sound on the client. The server detects the overlap while the client does not.

Here are my collision settings for the goal’s trigger:

Here are my collision settings for the pickup:

The pick up only has one component, so it is the root. The goal’s trigger is not it’s root, however the goal is static and I’ve confirmed through print strings the goal actor and all of its components are at the same world location (server and client) via print strings.

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if I should provide any additional information.

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