Overlap from parent blueprint only detected for one child BP at time

I’m trying to set up a parent blueprint for collectible items. So for the child BPs I only have the component+collision box. And in the parent blueprint, I have this…

Problem is this only works on the LAST child BP I place in the world. And only after I picked that one up (and destoryed its actor) that I can pick the next BP…

It’s so weird cause I also have this as part of the parent blueprint and it works perfectly fine


The text shows up separately on each of the children BPs when I enter their respective collisions, just like it’s supposed to. So why is the first part not working even though it’s set up pretty much the same way?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do…seems simple “pick up items” but this logic makes no sense to me. Can you tell me in steps what kind of functionality you are looking for?

i imagine that the issue is a input priority issue since it sounds like the input begins working on most recently spawned to oldest.

if your just looking to make a basic pickup then the below picture shows a few examples of how it can be done fairly simply that should avoid the problem your currently facing. the first method picks up the item when player overlaps it so no input needed. the second method allows the item to be picked up only when the player is overlapping the item so there shouldnt be multiple items trying to figure out priority and reverting to whos newest. oh also note that the pickup node in the picture is just a custom event that would call the needed script to fulfill the pickups objective (add health, add to inventory, etc)

Yup. Thanks! It worked once I checked consume input