Overlap Events Not Working For Mobile

Hi. I am new to unreal engine, but not in game development. I managed to create a functional level from start from scratch with my own assets. Trying to build it on android for a test after one level, but it seems all the overlaps events are not working. But it’s working perfectly in Play Mode in unreal engine either with viewport or new window PIE. I have tested with Launch on the samsung phone not working, and tried to build the apk and install it on the phone directly too and not working. I really don’t understand what I do wrong in here, anybody can help?

Unreal Engine 23.1
Android SDK newest (May 2020)

In the play mode working perfectly, with settings checked generate events overlaps both objects. Render Visible = true, Hidden in game = true (tried with false too)
Is there any special option for mobile development for this simple feature I miss?

Thank you