Overlap events not detected (Player vs Enemy)

Hi there,
maybe someone can help me with the following:

I have a working environment regarding shooting enemies and being shot by enemies.
Though I can’t find a way to apply damage when colliding with enemies. I am not even able to find the correct overlap event to print a string for test purposes.

  • Enemy and Player are both characters
  • Enemy’s mesh is attached to an capsule component (which is smaller than the mesh)
  • I’ve tried calling overlap events and hit events on the enemy’s mesh / called “other” via tag and equal (player BP)
  • Both have custom collisions

they do collide ingame but overlap events arent being called. what am i doing wrong?
I guess screenshots wont help as I have rewritten it multiple times.

Thanks in advance for any help

wow… as always: after trying stuff out for hours i manage to do it right as soon as i ask a question.
“event hit” gives me correct true/ false, when i call “other” via tag. i was using “oncomponenthit (meshname)” before, which did nothing

please close and sorry for the troube.

and now it isnt. have to look into it → under collision of the object you are colliding with select “simulation generates hit event”

I had the same issue couple of days ago and it got resolved.

So please check my question