Overlap event only generated on origin of spawed actor

I’ve been trying to spawn an actor and have it generate overlap events with other active physics actors in the scene. It seems to only generate these overlap events for the world location of the spawn and it is not respecting the overlaps with the actual spawned mesh. Any chance I’m missing something? Attached are shots of my player controller and the object it spawns (which uses a timeline to scale it).

Anyone? Any help on this?

I actually am not using a player character , I made my own player class and it only allows the player to click one spot to spawn the actor.

Hi Fschman13,

This is only happening with the physics actors in your level? Does overlap work with the player character?

Just so I know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. You have physics objects moving around in your level and on click you can create an object that should trigger overlap events with the physics objects?

For my personal reference: A443_Blank

correct, and the spawned actor scales over time.

Hi Fschman13,

Which version of the editor are you using?

I just created a similar setup in 4.4.3 and got it working. Here are some thing to check.

  • Make sure that both object have some form of collision.

  • The “Spawn On Click Object” is set to ‘Generate Overlap Events’ and the ‘Collision Presets’ is ‘OverlapAll’

  • The “Physics Object” also is set to ‘Generate Overlap Events’

I was running 4.4.1, updated and everything seems to work fine now. Thanks for the help.