Overlap Event not being runned

I have a pvp game i am working on but Overlap Event doesn’t trigger. Please help, Many thanks

You can add a second capsule:

How would I make Is Overlapping as not begin or end but is it overlapping

Enemy or my player?

I tried on my enemy and nothing happened’

Capsule on player makes it work! Tysm!

With this node:


Yes, you could say ( for instance ):


inside your player character.

Thanks alot!

How would I use it?
I see no output for Other Actor but an Input for it

Helps alot

It works too!

Ah, also - maybe you want:


That gives you a list of actors you are overlapping. The IsOverlappingActor is when you want to check a specific one.

Except I am putting the overlap in my enemy so wouldn’t work

I don’t even know how to make animations frame by frame ■■■■

Is frame by frame animation compatible with unreal?

How many different ways are you trying to do it!?

What are you trying to do?

It works both ways around…

That extra collision component, you can put it in your player AND the enemy.

Don’t understand Get Overlapping Actors, I am using it for the player