Overlap event fires only first time?

Hey, I’ve made a setup, where I can spawn objects by clicking the mouse. These objects scale up with time, and react to other obejcts when they overlap with each other, at least they should. Fact is that they only do it with the first object they overlap with, and ignore other overlaps. I tried many different approaches, but none of them worked out.
Here’s my setup:

These are the 2 approaches that I’ve tried.
The graph on the left side is attached to the objects that should react to overlap by either transforming into another object, or being destroyed.
The graph on the right side was put in the spawned object, that grows over time and transforms or destroys other objects.

None of the approaches worked out. When I print out to screen the objects that are overlapping , only the first one appears(yes, the first overlapping event works)

And here is how the two objects are setup:

Ok, finally solved it, one of the overlapping objects had 0 scale on vector Z, that’s why it didn’t work.