Overlap event Bone name return NONE

I am having problem with Overlap event. I setup my projectile and collision to overlap a mesh and ignore sphere collision but when I am trying to get bone name it writes NONE. Can anyone help me?

For my game I created an arrow projectile that gets the hit bone and attaches the projectile to it, so it ‘sticks’ in the hit appendage or body. This is the script from the projectile blueprint and it works. Rather than get the hit bone from the context of the character mesh, get it from the projectile:

Thanks for quicq reply, can you just tell me your collision setting on projectile and mesh , I am trying to set this up but the hit event does not fire??

Here is the projectile collision (you can disregard my customs):

and the mesh

Hi ,
So I have been trying with your settings , but still the hit event did not fire , and I try with physics on , the hit event start working but the name for bone give me NONE. Does your projectile have collision sphere or its only collision on mesh?

It is a CollisionSphere

Hi I finaly did it , if someone will have the same problem I based my solve this tutorial

and for proper colision, remeber to make sphere on projectile as default root, to make this just move sphere in component list onto default scene root.

Thanks for help

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