Overlap doesn't always happen?

I have a projectile BP with a mesh and collision box around it. When it overlaps and actor it applies damage. For some reason no matter what I try to change the overlap doesn’t always work. When I fire the projectile at actor, it works for maybe the first 2/3 I fire, but then all the rest will do nothing. It seems if I move my position a little it then works for 2/3 again, but when standing still after the 2/3 fired it doesn’t seem to pick up overlap anymore and projectile goes straight through. WHY!!! Lol

Hey DJ

I had a problem like this awhile ago.

What was happening was the anchor point of the projectile was a child and not the root, so when the collision occurred it kept going through a wall and away in to the distance.

Can you show how you have your elements in your projectile setup?


Hope this help, might be something completely different


I have a sphere collision as root, mesh and projectile component. Mesh has no collision and sphere overlaps everything. " I have tryed different collision settings on the sphere as well to test". I tryed overlap event for root and the separate sphere component overlap event, but still only registers some of the time. I see something weird going on with the capsule collision I have around my characters. For some reason the only way i get overlaps every time is when I hit the top or the bottom of the capsule" when capsule is stretched from head to toe on character". Notice this?

Can you show your projectile?


Not in front of my machine right now but it only has the 3 component in the BP. What do you want to see exactly? The overlap apply damage graph, or the component screen? So when I get chance I’ll send pic.

Also look for any other overlapping components that could potentially be interfering