Overlap detection only working on specific components of actor

So i am trying to work on slicing skeletal meshes. To do this i first generate a procedural mesh for each body part and then attach it to a parent skeletal mesh.

So far so good, i end up with an animated character that is made of a bunch of procedural meshes. The issue here is that i now have to slice those procedural mesh components. I want to be able to slice each procedural mesh on it’s own and to do that i need them to generate an overlap event. But this is where it get extremely weird, only 2 specific procedural mesh component (always the same 2 “arm_r” and “forearm_r” ) will properly fire an overlap event while every other body part will not generate and overlap. I made sure my collision setting are proper and that all the components share the same settings, i even made sure for the original static mesh the procedural meshes are based on are all on the same settings.

I am absolutely lost as to what’s causing this.