Overlap detection, check if overlapped is a certain object

Hi all, new here. I’m working on a small game project, just basic first steps but somehow I’m stuck. I’d like to have a player object that, if it collides with certain dropping objects gets destroyed and the game starts from the beginning.
Attached is the Blueprint that is on the falling object. Everthing works but the branch condition that checks whether the collided object is the player. I.e. if I directly connect Event actor begin overlap with destroy actor, it works, but then obviously the game ends everytime the falling object hits anything which is not intended.
Am I missing something? I’m fairly certain that “Player” is my actual player.

Thank you so much for your help!

Check the collision on your object to see if it is allowed to overlap the right thing

Thanks for your reply, I have both the player and the falling object on overlap all, is that correct? See below

Try substituting your “player” variable with a “Get Player Character”, let’s see if that does it.

Thanks I’ll try that, the thing is the object “player” isn’t actually a player character, hadn’t really bothered up until now because I couldn’t see the benefits. I can’t find the property that makes it one. Is that a class? Sorry for these basic questions.

You’ll want to make your player a PlayerCharacter. PlayerCharacters have a native MovementComponent which lets you edit like a thousand useful movement settings and, besides, this component auto-adjusts your player movement to be framerate independant.

No problem about any question. I was in your shoes not even five months ago. Feel free to ask your heart out :).


You can always check it this way as well, depending on your setup.