Overlap Component (Sprite) Not Working?

Hey peeps! Im trying to learn ue4 and im pretty new to this. At the moment im working on a tetris like platform game and i want the ghost blocks to go ontop of the placed blocks and im using overlaps trigger to try and achieve this. it works when on the edge but in the middle it just overlaps completly as seen in the picture

Here are my blurprints please explain why this happens :frowning:
Thx in advance!

ps. im still a noob at this :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use collisions, instead of overlap, the collision will automatically stop your object at the boundary of the next one.

With overlaps, you have to manually calculate how much you overlapped by and move the object back to where you want it if you don’t actually want it to overlap.

Thanks so much for a quick answer!
how should i go about this? should i add a box collision component in the actor? Sorry for being a noob :frowning: any visual examples would help a lot, thanks in advance!

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were using sprites. Paper2D sprites use a completely separate physics system, which I’m not familiar with. You can check out some of the docs here.

I implement 2D-constrained games with 3D objects and 3D physics (because when I started with the engine the 2D stuff was still nonexistent or experimental) – so I’m much more familiar with that side of things.

Good luck!

I see, ill check out the doc, but thanks anyways, much appreciated for the fast answer!

Okei so i got around the problem by making the “tetrisblock” actor that will be placed, set off the overlap event so yay i guess, but this only works with the first actor that is placed (as seen in the picture)

i believe that this is caused by the reference is replaced with the new “tetrisblock” actor each time a new one spawns. Is there a way to make every actor spawned relevant through the whole session?