Overlap and Structures not working


I simply want two objects to generate overlap events, but i cant make it work with StructureBaseBP+Actor.
I created two different Actors, both including a box component and everything works fine, but when I reparent one of these actors to a Structure, it stops working.
After playing arround with the collision settings for days now, I reparented the other actor to Structure, as well, and it worked again…
However, the second Actor cant be a structure, because it seems to be impossible to affect its location at runtime.

So I either need to find a way to affect a structure with “SetActorWorldLocation” or “AddWorldOffset”
or I need working overlap events between structure and actor.

If you have any idea what I´m doing wrong please tell me!
Thanks in advance!

Not Sure what you are trying to do, but take a look at those tripwire charges or traps

Thanks for your reply,

but i forgot to mention that the overlap with the player is working properly, what makes me even more confused :C