Overheating graphics cards evga GTX 780 and gigabyte GTX 770

Hi, after 5 minutes running unreal engine 4 my graphic card EVGA gtx 780 is overheating (same for the Gigabyte gtx 770), are you guys experiencing the same thing? Can you help me?

Turn off real time thumbnails and real time in the perspective viewer. You might need to tweak your fan curve in precision x as well, I had to do that when my card was getting a little hot.

Also lower the fps rate:


Also I’m assuming you have proper cooling for those cards? It is my understanding that they run a little hot to begin with.

Does your system have proper cooling airflow? because UE4 does rely a lot on GPU power.

What are the ambient and load temps? Does your case have proper exhaust and intake?

After looking at this post I decided to look at full operating Temps of my card and my HD5850 reached 80 degrees which came to a shock to me since it never goes beyond 65 degrees which was quite a shock for me, I must say that UE4 is really power hungry lol.

+1 for tweaking your fan settings, I just slap 95% fan speed on whenever I’m running UE4 and my HD 7850 never goes over 65 degrees.
It might help to tell us what temperatures the cards are reaching as well.

Lol I’m glad you have ears of steel to handle that amount of fan speed noise haha, Mine on 95% sounds like a jet-plane that wants to take off.

Thanks for your help, I tried your suggestions, lowering the fps rate to 60 in the console (t.maxfps 60.0 to lock to 60 fps) and changed the fan speed. Before my gtx 780 reached 80 degrees :frowning: and after the modifications it stays at 50-55 degrees, now I can use UE4 :slight_smile:

Glad to hear your heating problems got sorted out, but don’t worry nvidia graphics cards can handle up 95 degrees so don’t stress if the card reaches 80 :slight_smile: but it’s always good to have lower temps.