Overgrowth style capsule movement


I have a few simple questions about capsule movement, and would love some help.

I’m attempting to re-create the movement system from the indie game Overgrowth (hopefully you are familiar with it), and have a few questions. (I’m not worried about the animation system just yet, just the capsule movement).

I decided to use the standard Third person BP system with the movement component as a starting point, and then modify it from there. I have a few simple goals I am trying (and failing) to achieve. I have studied the movement in Overgrowth heavily and I think I know how to go about mimicking it in BP. Ive also watched the developers talk at GDC last year. If you havent already seen it I strongly recommend checking it out. It also might help you visualize what I am trying to achieve. Here is a link http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020583/Animation-Bootcamp-An-Indie-Approach

Capsule Rotation

I was wondering if it would be possible to control the capsule rotation rate based off of the capsule’s speed? I would like the capsule to rotate quickly while not moving or moving slowly, and then decrease the rotation rate as the speed increases. Could this be done with a curve or something? Rotation acceleration and deceleration would also be great, but I haven’t found a way to do that. (I was thinking along the lines of an interp node or something, so rotation would smoothly start out fast and then slow down as it reaches its target.)

Capsule Movement

Is it possible to control the capsules acceleration from a curve? I know there is an acceleration value, but a curve would offer more control. IE: quickly reaching a jogging speed, then slowly accelerate further into a sprint.
Also, I haven’t found a way to control the deceleration of the capsule. There is a value for it, but It barely makes a difference due to friction. Is there another way to go about doing it?

Those were my main questions at the moment. If you’ve watched the GDC video, do you think it is best to use the movement component built into UE4, or make my own?

Thank you so much for your time! Sorry if these questions are trivial, but my brain is wired for animation, not programming unfortunately.

You can use this tool: GitHub - enlight/Skelly: An Unreal Engine 4 plugin for creating semi-procedural character animations.<

I’ve also seen the Overgrowth animation video (great stuff!) and imho you could validly use either approach… with the Character Component or without… Personally, I’m getting my Char Component’s velocity and rotation rate, feeding it to my Anim Graph to drive the speed of the animations.