Overgrown Ruin Environment

Hey guys, I’m pretty much done with a small, natural environment in Unreal. There is still time to apply some feedback though! So if you guys have any remarks please let me know :).
Here is the link to my post on Artstation:

The goal of this project was to create a nicely lit scene, mainly focussed on one beautyshot. The static meshes were sculpted in Zbrush and retopologised in 3ds Max. The baking of the normal maps was also done in 3ds Max. Photoshop and Substance Designer were used to create the textures. All the lighting in the scene is achieved with dynamic lights (without the use of baked lighting).

Not all the objects in the scene were created by me. I used the trees and a couple of rocks from the Unreal Kite demo:
The trees and the grass in the background are also taken from a free vegetation pack made by fighter5347 :
The treetrunk was taken from the free samples of the Quixel Megascan library:
The mushrooms were created by me, but are based on photogrammetry data that I found online.

Wow cool! The mood and atmosphere are just right! The only thing I’d say is that I would like to see that the road was more like a small river or a creek. Or maybe a road that after some time changed into a creek!
Good work, keep it up!

The assets look really good :wink:

For the lighting, something bothers me: i think there is too much light for the wall, i mean the wall we see is supposed to be in the ‘shadow side’ (the lighitng is coming from the right) and we don’t understand where does the lighted parts come from…too bright imo.(this is also noticeable for the trunk with the mushrooms at the left). I guess your ‘ambient skydome’ is too strong or i am not sure if you put a ‘too bright’ HDRI map in it.
One idea: you could put 2 torches with a nice orange lighting each side of the wall.
Keep up, nice scene :wink:

Great scene, please enhance the lighting as described above. :slight_smile: You need less light and more contrast.