Over Internet Pixel Streaming Help - Streamer not Connecting

Hello everyone!

I am starting to get into Pixel Streaming and excited for the potential of what it can do.
The main problem I am having at this point is that the streamer isn’t connecting to my signaling server, and I wonder what I’m doing wrong with it.

Here is my config.json:
“UseFrontend”: false,
“UseMatchmaker”: false,
“UseHTTPS”: false,
“UseAuthentication”: false,
“LogToFile”: true,
“HomepageFile”: “player.htm”,
“AdditionalRoutes”: {},
“EnableWebserver”: true

And here is my signaling server starting file: (StartAWSwithTURN):

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$PublicIp = $(Resolve-DnsName -Name -Server

Write-Output “Public IP: $PublicIp”

$peerConnectionOptions = “{ ““iceServers””: [{”“urls”": ["“stun:” + “” + “:19302"”,"“turn:” + $PublicIp + “:19303"”], ““username””: ““PixelStreamingUser””, ““credential””: ““Another TURN in the road””}] }"

$ProcessExe = “node.exe”
$Arguments = @(“cirrus”, “–peerConnectionOptions=”"$peerConnectionOptions""", “–publicIp=$PublicIp”)

Add arguments passed to script to Arguments for executable

$Arguments += $args

Write-Output “Running: $ProcessExe $Arguments”
Start-Process -FilePath $ProcessExe -ArgumentList $Arguments -Wait -NoNewWindow

I just realized I forgot my cirrus.js output…here:

I’d appreciate any help you can give me on this!

Bumping this issue…still having trouble with this.