Over 40 Marketplace Packs Pirated

Hey Guys,
Today i found over 40 different Packs from Marketplace being pirated from an Generic User named <name removed by mod> and shared on an Torrent-Website.
I cant post the Link here , but an email to epic with link is out. Packs that been shared there are :

<list removed by mod>

I think thats is really a shame

Hi there,

Could please email with the details, including a link to the website? They will be able to take care of it there.

If you are not able to email them, please Private Message me with the link and I will forward it on.

Thank you for reporting this! :slight_smile:

Why do they not pirate my minimap, I’m feeling treated very unfair now :frowning: I also wanna be in that list! Stupid pirates, they hurt my feelings…

It will catch up with them. Back when I was solely using Unity I ran into that with peoples assets and 3D software. I always back out of opportunities to work with Indies that do that becasue I don’t trust them with my creation or making me look bad by association. I used Blender until I could afford Modo, Mari and Zbrush. I used Unity Free until I could afford Pro and I paid my UE4 subscription until it was free. There are things on the Market Place that I would like to have but I am willing to always wait until I need it and then budget for it and buy. Those pirates usually just horde that stuff and dream about what the go do with it but never really do anything beyond filling up the hard drive:-)

You could always be proactive and upload it for them. Just toying. :slight_smile:


maybe its the opposite. Maybe they think your work is so **** good that even pirates feel it should be paid for =P . Its a respect thing. Take it as a compliment.

As for OP. That is a shame. Unfortunately if its on a torrent site then its probably on many more as well and I doubt much can be done about it. Theres a reason piratebay and others have been around and continue to be around with content.

I think the best way to help prevent people from downloading them there is to silently report them to epic and not clearly list every package confirming its out there for would-be pirates in the market place forum thinking of purchasing it. I literally copied and pasted a random chunk of your list as is into google and the second+ results was that <name removed by mod> user from various torrent sites.

Hi all! For the record, we do take piracy on the Marketplace very seriously, and encourage anyone finding the content to email it to Several of us are on the other end of it, including me, and I log everything reported to us into an ongoing spreadsheet that we act on. I work closely with legal and our sellers to combat this. I don’t want to go into the specific techniques we use to combat piracy in public, but this is something I personally devote a lot of time, thought, and energy to fighting.

The best thing for content creators whose packs have been pirated to do is:

  1. Report it to us at

  2. Look at where the files are hosted and comb the site for DMCA\copyright takedown information, and follow those directions to request the content to be removed. This is surprisingly effective. I have more detailed information on this I can share privately if anyone is interested.

  3. If you receive a support request from someone that needs help with their content or wants you to send them files for the latest version, I strongly encourage you to ask for their Epic ID and the Order ID from their Marketplace receipt, then email us at to verify that it’s a legitimate purchase. We’ll give sellers this ability in an upcoming revision of the seller portal, but for right now we’re handling that internally. If they become angry or rude and won’t give you the information, it may not be the best idea to send them anything or support them, because it’s extremely easy to prove they actually bought it.

As a reminder, the downsides of pirating Marketplace content is that there is absolutely no support from the seller, no bug fixes to content, no updates at all, the pirated content may not work with new engine versions, and Epic cannot step in to help get customer support issues addressed, hold sellers to a high standard, or really have any involvement at all. They’re basically frozen snapshots of unsupported, non-upgradeable content that will gradually age and become out of date as new engine versions are released. Essentially, they’re completely on their own and working in a vacuum. Since Epic has a policy of not imposing digital rights management features (DRM), the best thing we can do to combat piracy overall is to develop a supportive ecosystem with constantly-updated, Epic- and seller-supported, fully working high quality content. Realistically, we’ll never be able to stamp out 100% of all piracy, and that to me is a great reason for the Marketplace team to work our hardest to make the Marketplace a superior alternative, and keep doing the best we can.

I agree with you, it is best to send an email to and let them handle it there, or PM one of us Mods or Epic Staff with the info so we can pass it along.

Since it was so easy to find, I went ahead and removed the name from both the Op and your post, the last thing we need is to advertise it here. Thanks for pointing it out!

): Yeah, i know one page that i already sent to Epic, but it is still up months later. They even improve their website and gave themselves a pretty obvious URL.
They use a subscription model to resell these assets. Lucky enough mine is not yet on that “market”.

First things first , i am sorry to “advertise” this content here so freely. On my first post i think the Pack-Creator have a right to know about it.
Now after your reply i see it was not soo smart. I am really sorry about that , thanks for removing this information.

Second at the same time i posted this Thread i have send an Email to with the same Information + Links.

And last , it wasnt my found , a Acquaintance knows that i am working with UE4 and give me the Information.
That should not be my Honor

No problem! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we really appreciate it!

ps - Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I know these “Markets” too. For one Second , i think about to buy one pack there , because my Attempts to buy it in the real Marketplace ends up with error E130–1.
But then i think , if i buy it there , Pirates get my “thank you” in form of Money. Thats not fair

Big thank you for your Welcome. Its funny if i think about that i am Community-Member since last Year and have 3 Posts here in Total.
The Most time i loiter in the Answer-Hub :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you email us at Let’s get this fixed for you!

Ive email it allready yesterday but to
Should i send it again to ?

Yes, please. The accounts email address goes into a queue of tickets for most of Epic Games’ projects, and it can sometimes take a while for the ticket to find its way to us. The absolute fastest way to get Marketplace help is the email address. I have alerts set up to notify me on my laptop, phone, and tablet as soon as an email comes in, and I assign team members to it as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your support , but today if tried it again and it works now.
After looking why its works , i see on my Paypal-Account that my payment get everytime refused from Paypal-Side.
I doesnt know why or why not today , clear is it was an Paypal error.

I investigate it further an let you know new info´s at this , if you like

It allready is on a website full of pirated assets, I sent the link of that website at