Outside view problem.


I’m currently working on an high rise interior office project and clients wants to show it from two diffecent heights(floors). I have stitched panorama for view behind windows. What would be the solution to change height of this outside mesh inside one level /project.

As those images are most likely unlit and don’t need to have their lighting being built you can just swap between them. Use a simple blueprint with some sort of a trigger and then change the material or place 2 meshes and hide one and unhide the other when needed. Let me know if you need some more detail how to do it. It’s pretty simple.

If there are more than a couple of assets per view you could also put them in sub-levels and load or unload those levels.

Thank you for your answer! i finally figured it out. i used vive controller trigger and flipflop to toggle visibility on and of.

Congratulation you got it working.