Outside Database Connection - Help Please

I’ve done a bit of research and I’ve seen plenty of topics that say that I should use JSON Plugin, but its not compatible with 4.9. (At least I can’t find a version that is compatible) I can’t find any tutorials or templates for Database connections. Is it practically impossible? Whats the best way to connect to a mySQL database? I use Navicat with Xampp for trials. I’m not great with PHP or HTTP requests. But I am willing to learn if their are any tutorials or help topics that point me in the right direction just need to know what to look for. Any advice?

Also, if you have tutorials or templates or anything I’d much appreciate being pointed into the right direction!

If you could even make a template I would be willing to pay for a good one.

I want to use the database connection to connect to, to hold all the data for my game. (Player health, level, experience, vitals and etc.) Also, store data about items, NPC’s, locations of placed objects and such. An obvious database for an Online RPG. Thanks.