OUTREACH Teaser Trailer

Hey everyone! I am proud to announce the teaser and reveal of a game I’m working on called “OUTREACH”.
It’s under the company of Pixel Spill ( We’re currently working on a Tech demo as well.

Outreach is a first person, narrative-driven adventure game. You are a lone Cosmonaut sent to investigate a Soviet military station,
which has mysteriously cut all communication with Ground Control. As you explore, you piece together an account of what transpired aboard Outreach Station.
This trailer has been rendered in real time with Unreal Engine 4. The full game is due for release in mid-to-late 2016.

The people responsible for this trailer are:

Myself (Joseph Caddell), Lead 3D Artist): 3D modeling, texturing, camera work, level design, lighting, gravity/physics (Everything) -
Christopher Jones (Jr. 3D Artist/programmer): 3D Modeling, texturing (cassette player, cassette tape). -
James Booth (Producer, Art Direction) -
Adam Fligsten (Music) -
Liz Rainsberry (Sound Design). -
Matt Post (Voice Actor) -
Jonas B (Storyboard) -
David Harrison (Lead Developer/programmer) -

I give a big thanks to everyone involved! and we’re excited to show you more of Outreach later this year, as we continue to build a tech demo.
We hope you enjoy our trailer and if you like it, give it a share and spread the word. If not, that’s cool to :D.
Outreach website:

OUTREACH (First Person, narrative-driven adventure game)

The Trailer Flythrough and Breakdown videos are now up. I hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:



Looks interesting. good work.

Could it be that the project was in development like 1 year ago in Unity?
I remember working on a game called outreach back then. Altough it was a space fps.

No, the concept of this game was conceived of in less than a year ago. Not sure what the game you’re talking about unfortunately. Now, you have peaked my curiosity haha…Have any links? :smiley:

I think the project died. They have/had a fb page I cant find anymore. They switched over to udk back then. Thats why I had to leave them since I didn’t feel like switching with them.
But it was also called outreach. Maybe you can find something.

Although…the guys I work with at Pixel Spill use Unity as a priority Engine. Until I joined the team! hehe. I bought them to the dark side :D…So, maybe they were working on it in Unity, and I just haven’t known about it.
But then - I’m good friends with them, so I pretty much know everything about their development history… sooo Shrugs

Hmmm. Interesting. I’ll have to find something on it one day if I can. Outreach is somewhat of a common word, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it there was another project with that name.

Yeah. btw I like your game. Im a huge fan of space games and already loved the contact lost type of space station theme in dead space. Good luck with getting it out!

Thanks Kuhmaus. We have some great resources to aid this game to a finished state…Just hope nothing goes wrong haha.

It didn’t. I’m still in contact with that guy.

Awesome Work guys :slight_smile:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

This is actually my game title, that I had on hold a bit for other smaller projects. So I am not sure you guys did your research. I was just notified of this project.

My project was started way back in Unity in January 2014.