Output SceneCapture2d to second Monitor/or second window

Hi guys,

I have a virtual camera in my scene, which captures through a scenecapture2D class.
Is there a way to output this feed to a separate window or pipe it to a second monitor output?


SceneCapture2d is kind of resource hungry, and it does not render many things (ie, you will forever fight with it to render some particles or materials properly).

If your game(project) is not multiplayer, you may use multiplayer framework to render additional views.
You can run multiple viewports(multiplayer pawns) on same machine, each can render separate view.
This is very scalable either to multiple monitors or multiple devices.
But for obvious reasons it is best (easiest) for singleplayer games, however can be done for real multiplayer games with a bit more logic behind the scenes.

So, I would create a multiplayer pawn and link it to my “virtual camera” pawn.
Maybe I should repost in the VR forum.

I am working with the HTC Vive and the scenecapture2d is streaming as a rendertarget onto a camcorder like device.
So, I would like to have the player being able to see the content of that in VR and someone else outside on a second monitor.

The approach with the multiplayer setup sounds good, though.

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@Nawrot Could you please give us more details about how to set the multiple framework for singleplayer game.that will be really helpful.Or any tutorial link will also be great.thanks.

I am interested in the solution as well…