Output Directory of Movie Pipeline Queue using API?

I’m trying to set Output Directory of Movie Render Queue.

But I even can’t get the objects of Movie Render Jobs. I’m using below code:

import unreal_engine as ue
from unreal_engine.classes import MoviePipelineQueue
mp = MoviePipelineQueue('/Game/Cinematics/MoviePipeline/Presets/EditorMoviePipelineQueue.EditorMoviePipelineQueue')
print mp
print mp.GetJobs()

Here are the output log:
LogPython: <unreal_engine.UObject '/Game/Cinematics/MoviePipeline/Presets/EditorMoviePipelineQueue.EditorMoviePipelineQueue' (0x00000000EA8AEC50) UClass 'MoviePipelineQueue'>
LogPython: ]

I’m very new to Unreal API. So any suggestions will be very helpful. Thanks in advance~