Outliner: post-process material to outline and fill objects


I’m glad to introduce you Outliner — the post process material to outline and fill objects in Unreal Engine 4.


Price: $14.99

Outliner has 7 presets (CustomDepth Stencils) in material instance. You can add more manually, if you need to. For each preset you can change the way it outlines and fills objects. Each preset can be used in different situations (i.e. highlight hostile objects with red outline using preset 1 and friendly objects using preset 2). Each preset have separate options for outline and fill.

You can:
[li]Enable outline or fill (or enable both).
[/li][li]Change color.
[/li][li]Change visibility option:
[li][]Outline or fill is always visible, even if the object is not (i.e. you can see the effect through walls and other objects).
]Outline or fill affect only the part of object, that is behind other object.
[/li][li][*]Outline or fill affect only the part of object, that is visible.
[li]Change opacity.
[/li][li]Change brightness.
[/li][li]Change color.
[/li][li]Change outline thickness.

Since you have separate options for outline and fill, Outliner can, for example, outline the part of object which is visible in red, and fill the part of object which is hidden in green.


this is very cool !
could you add an option for displaying the outlines only on mouseover ?
i am developing an point & click adventure and this would be very nice if all interactable objects could use these outline effects.
additionaly there has to be a way to set objects to use the effect and objets to not use the effect.
please add my whishes and i will buy it !

Hey, stucki!

I’m glad you liked our asset.

You can enable and disable outline or fill for any object via an event. For example, for mouseover you can do this:

You can check and uncheck Value parameter in Set Render Custom Depth node to enable or disable outline for an object. You can also change the Value in Set Custom Depth Stencil Value to change the preset (i.e. color of outline).

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider the possibility of making an additional functionality to set a group of objects to use the effect.

thx very much for your answer.
will definitely buy this once i start game mechanics !!!
please make it as userfriendly as possible :wink: (for i am an absolute noob in this kind of thing …)