I am making a mobile game,
I am currently trying to get so that when my character touches a wall, that wall gets an outline for 1 secc ( the level is pitch black FYI) to show the bounds of the level basically, So i got the Post process working ( outline does not work well, very weird).
ps: My level components are in a blueprint actor so that i can spawn my levels by blueprints and not open any level, which should make this easier.

Many thanks.

How are you making the outline though? You need to explain that. Mobile has a lot of functions disabled. So what would work in editor might not work on the mobile device.

I downloaded an mat instance that i added in blend, wich works but looks very weird its not actusly an outline, but for me the most important would be finding a way to show bounderies(by activating that blend via setting in the mesh details that i am touching I can activate the outline post process) but I cant find a way to : character hit wall—get hit wall—set that wall outline post process active delay, deactivate delay activate delay deactivate(flashing). I was able to do it on 1 wall that i chose but I could not make it work with an array by trying to find wich wall i am hitting with character.


Ok, so I was able to achieve what I wanted, so… for anybody who wants to show wall bounds on touch:

Setup proper outline post process, I used this tutorial (Linked Below)

Then I added a overlap all sphere to my character, On begin overlap, set var of component hitting character, then on tick in level blueprint if character hit wall true, get hit component, and exec macro (Turn post process deph on… Delay … Off … Delay … On … Delay … Off)

Thanks for the help,
T’ill next time!