Outline Object Blueprint

I want it so when I look at a object that is intractable for the object to highlight around the edges so the player knows he can interact with it.

How would i go about creating this please?


Here is a simple way to do that: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Object Outline (Interaction) - YouTube

Good studies.

I attempted that one and the only problem is that the material he gets at 0:23 does not exist in that project any more has it been renamed or how would I go about re-creating it.

Thank you


You are right.

See the material attached here:

[link text][1]

you can´t import it from the editor, you need to copy and paste into your project foldr


[1]: 75755-m_highlight.rar (53.3 KB)

still doesn’t work i think his method is outdated for the newest version of unreal

Here is a tutorial on how to get the effect you are looking for, demo project file included

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