Outlast Camera Movement

Can someone please help me with some hints about how to achieve the camera movement when crouching like in Outlast??? Thanks!!!

Just attach your camera to skeletal mesh bone and it’s done. Don’t forget to provide proper crouching animation for your character.

Attaching the Camera zu the mesh is the first step. Then you have to change your pawn so that the mouse or whatever you use to control your view does not directly control the camera, but some sort of Look-At IK/Skeletal Control.
This also enables you to use curves in your animations to control the blend between animation and control look-at.

Thanks for your answers!!! The thing is, I’m not using a CameraComponent; I’m using the default camera with a CameraManager, like in the Shooter Game example ¿Is it necessary to use the CameraComponent??? Thanks!!

I’ve made it your way guys, works perfectly, Thank you!!!