Outfits mods?

Hi Hi everyone,

I’ve just started getting into playing ark with mods and i’m finding there are no good outfit mods,
I was expecting to find people making outfits like you get in skyrim/fallout, but nope!
all i can find are a few outfit mods which are just the vanilla outfits with different stats or re-colours.
It would be nice to go dino hunting or base/home building in jeans, tee shirt, hoodies, skirts, blouses, dresses, loungewear, leggings, coats, jackets, sensible shoes (by this i mean no heals just flats) or even some cosplay costumes (who don’t want to run around in a harley quinn outfit!).
so i guess you could call this post a mod request or a shout out to anyone who knows of some good outfit mods for ark.

You can create your own by using a 3D Program, like Bledner or Cinema 4D. To get a Template, just export an FBX File out of your ADK. Or you get luck and some one gets this idea and makes a mod

greetings from germany