Outer Veil


Outer Veil

Greetings all, we are a small team of people who are looking to create our own online game using the power of the unreal engine. Aside from myself, there are several others.

The theme of game would be a cyberpunk fpsrpg, which would best be described as ‘game of thrones in a dystopian sci fi future’. Looking to get that gritty drama into a playable format, allowing players to define their own archetype and character story, which gets subject to all that tasty human emotion that gets in the way to lead to some dynamic growth and organic role play. This is not looking to make the next Battlefield game or Halo or Grand Theft Auto. The rest of the surrounding mechanics takes precedent to add to the flavour of combat and create a breathing world.

That being said, you can read more about the very early design document here.

We’ve taken the mmostarterkit and expanded on that for our tests, we’ll soon be moving onto our own socket servers soon.

Team name
Outer Veil Studios (I know, to original, it’s like if Lionhead was called Fable Incorporated, or Bethsheda was Oblivion Enterprises). We are planning on become a proper company at some point.

**Team Structure **
Death Wyrm - Lead Designer, blueprinter scripter, modeller, jack of several trades.

Arsenic- Project Management/Storyline

Caboose - IT Sys Admin

Hlaine Larkin- Community Management/Storyline

IanBrooker- Storyline

Ledere- IT/Sys Admin.

NoahKirchner- Modeling

Sir Blood Buske- Level design/Modeling/Blueprint Scripting

Top Sniper - Blueprint Scripter

There are a few more of us, we all come from a previous gaming community that no longer exists, and that game we come from is a heavy basis for what we are trying to create.

Previous Work

Talent Required
As you’ve noted, we have a fair few blueprinters, we are solid on that part. What we really need is artists.
3d modellor

  • Preferably blender so we can all pass files around.
  • Exporting files to FBX.
  • Having knowledge of multiple material slots.
  • Texturing a huge bonus
  • Able to create low and hi poly models.
  • Able to create normal maps


  • Creating textures for models
  • Working with diffuse maps.
  • Able to create AO maps.

Character and clothing designer

  • Knowledge of Blender and Makehuman a preferece.
  • Some background in creating clothing and unique designs.
  • Ability to rig all models up correctly to the same skeleton
  • Animation a bonus.

We are mainly looking for artists. We are good for blueprint scripters, and code wise we are getting along well (though more will help).


Either via Pm on these forums.
Through this recruitment page
Or skype - Deathwyrm

I should also say to interested parties, we have been working on this for about a year now; Most of our team members treat this like a second job. Contrary to the thread title, this would be a Royalty based game, not an unpaid one.

Roamed your document, neat… But, all these future type games have mega-corps… can’t someone think of something new? Overall, cool document!


Some work in progress screenshots from the game.