properties do not match.

PS: i created this post not because of “atmospheric fog” but also because i am trying to learn UE4 using Documentation, and there are still many outdated information and bad links. Pay attention pls.

Hey newbprofi -

Our documentation for the Unreal Engine is a living thing and is constantly being worked on by our documentation team as things are added, changed and updated by the developers. Like everything else in the engine, the documentation has a roadmap that guides us on the process of writing and updating documents. We have made our engine’s development roadmap completely public on Trello, can be found here. It just so happens that Post Process Effects, like Atmosphereic Fog, are a part of the May development process which means they should be updating soon.

Our Team welcomes feedback through the voting process at Trello, so if you think a certain element should be worked on more feel free to up vote it on Trello to let us know.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum