Out of video memory

Hi, I recently worked on an interior scene. When I added the sphere reflection, with more than 10 copies UE4 collapses and closes. Tried on a clean file and when I copy sphere reflection it gives me the same error. From 10 copies the error appears and I have nothing on the scene. I use the version 4.25.4

What is the reflection capture resolution in project settings? Reflection captures are not supposed to overlap with certain areas of a scene too much or it can cause problems. But putting some captures inside other ones is suggested to get good results. Try reading the doc page on captures, and also the Reflection Environment doc page. Here are links:…ons/index.html…ityReflections

For some reason the default size for reflection captures is 2048 when you use the ArchViz template. That is a large resolution. Every time I move an older project to the new engine version the editor crashes because of that. You can open the defaultengine.ini file in the config folder of the project to reduce the size. Search for ReflectionCaptureResolution and set it to 256 for a start. 2048x2048 is 64 times as large as 256x256 so that should fix it. You can go higher later if you want to.