Out of video memory while allocating landscape layer

I am having a landscape with a fairly high resolution:
component resolution: 127 * 127
component count: 256
component subsections: 2
resolution: 2017 * 2017
overall resolution: 2017 * 2017

With that landscape I want to use three layers, that shall be implemented with a layer blend node.

When I am trying to allocate a weight-blended layer (landscape -> paint -> target layers), the editor crashes with the message

Out of Memory trying to allocate a rendering resource. Make sure ….

I am working with UE 4.23.
My graphics card is an RTX2070 (8GB).

I have already tried to:

  • simplify the material: no change,
  • use less layers: no change

I don’t want to use a lower resolution, because that would suck.
Is there a way to work around this problem? May I even make the layer for a lower res landscape and edit it accordingly?

Kind regards

I get a similar error, did you ever resolve this?