Out of Video Memory trying to allocate a texture

Anyone encounter Out of Video Memory trying to allocate a texture? (followed by crash)
This happens when I load a level from a Marketplace demo project.

Googled but so far can’t seem to find an answer. I’ve increased my paging file size (Windows) but this is related to GPU memory I believe, not system RAM. But I have twin Nvidia Titan Volta cards with 12GB vram!

Depending on what the project is that you’re trying to open it could still be running out of GPU memory. Also, UE4 can’t take advantage of multiple graphics cards so that won’t be of any help, and if you have Nvidia SLI enabled you need to turn that off to run UE4.

why would u need to turn off sli? I have dual 3090 gpus and im crashing 4.26.2 just from building reflection captures.

The editor does not support SLI and having that enabled often results in crashes

interesting… im hearing 4.27 does support sli for gpu lightmass though.