Out of Video Memory (Ram Cause)

Lets start with system specs.
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (8 GB of VRAM)
16GB of Ram

And four harddrives.

Now for the problem. I have a third display which diagnoses and displays stats for my computer. When I’ve been working in UE4 for some time, it’ll end up crashing with an Out of Video Memory error.

This has nothing to do with the GFX card i’m sure. When I look at my stats, the commited memory will at some point reach 99% which will then guarantee a crash.

This never use to happen until I moved my page file to an SSD. The pagefile is limited to 20GB of memory to prevent it from crashing due to out of space. But I realized, UE4 commits so much, it doesn’t lower its use until I close UE4 all together. It just grows and grows in size no matter what.

Why is this such a problem when I have a somewhat High End system? CPU doesn’t bottleneck anything so thats not an issue.

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Is this happening with any project or a specific project? If you move your page file back to an HDD and reset the limit, does this go away?

Can you tell me what driver version you’re using? If it’s latest, can you try a few versions back?

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We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will follow up.

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We have no other active reports of this issue and we never continued our investigation after my initial response…so it definitely wouldn’t be fixed. We have no real way of fixing it without any of the information I had asked for.

Is the SSD your C: drive or is it a different drive and you’re manually setting your page file to that drive?

So I need a way to reproduce this. From that thread it sounds like a landscape issue. Is it frequent when using landscapes?

Do you have a project that you can send me?

After a couple of engine versions, the problem still persists, even after I reinstalled Windows 10 a while back for the Creative Update, with default page files. So it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the SSD or page files. It doesn’t even fully utilize page files at all. As usual, the Ram use hits 99% then it’ll crash with the Out of Video Memory error.

As I stated in my recent reply, the SSD/Pagefile issues aren’t the problem as in the past year my computer was reinstalled with no other modifications, which in turn, the problem still persists.

I’m sorry I didn’t continue the report earlier, but by the time I had a chance to make any debugging effort, the issue was closed with a solution, so I stuck with just restarting the editor so I don’t waste time with production (I’m a sole developer with a publisher and a crap load of work to do).

This isn’t much of an isolated incident as this thread pretty much describes EXACTLY what I’ve gone through (Although mine started mid 2016). Their case(s) have different hardware than mine and never went away. Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums

As it has been concluded based on google search results, Out of Video Memory consistently comes up with people that notice that their ram is maxed out and not actual video memory. I also want to point out that my motherboard doesn’t have integrated graphics (in case you’re wondering)

I’m just tired of having to restart the editor from 10 minutes to an hour after starting it.

What possible ways can I get the information you’d need to diagnose the problem? And just to confirm, my hardware hasn’t changed since the first post. Only major difference is that engine upgrades and switching over to Nvidia Gameworks (had the issue every single engine upgrade). Plus not to mention, this problem never happened before my first post, so its odd to think its a hardware issue.

Thanks !

Hi, here …

had the same Issue 5 mins ago. i use a 3 monotor setup. specs are: amd rx 480 8Gb Version, i5-3750k, 8Gb Ram

wanted to make a new projekt where i build towers out of brushes and a standart texture on it. i am learning, so i think its my fault. anyway used like 3000 Brushes and the engine got laggy as hell from 70 to 13 fps. after rebuilding lighting it went back up to 65 … wanted to build more, grouped one of my tower, course i found that option and the engine freezed after i wanted to hide the groupe activated back on. my hole deskop freezed^^

is this yust my fault? doesent get the engine full grafik card “attention” and than freeze the whole pc for reasons?
if you want the prject, you have to tell me how i can giv it to you … yust new to unreal

I have similar issues, every once in a while, ue4 crashes with the message: ran out of video memory, even though i did not load any textures whatsoever.
This even burned a video card back in 2016 because it crashed 5 times in a row and the video drivers crashed with it, every time they crashed something bad was happening to the card, it was a GTX 580 back then.

Same issue here with RTX 3090 (24GB vram)
with UE 4.26.1
A large scene it’s not using full vram, already shutting down when using 2GB.
Alread tested several settings (TDRdelay and pagefile settings)

my rtx 3090 gets this crash as welll 24 gb memory… 150gb paging file… wtf is happenign? How do we fix this… Come to find out out… the problem looks like it comes in with the build reflection captures part… Lighting builds but ir crashes when i reach build reflection captures or build refelction captures alone.

This still happens in the latest UE4 version (4.27.2). Once your Ram (+ Pagefile) is maxed out, the editor instantly closes with the “Out of Video Memory” Dialog (removing all unsaved work and potentially corrupting assets). Not even a crash window comes up which I’m assuming is how the problem hasn’t been noticed by Epic.

To reproduce this error:

  • Do anything in the editor which fills up your Ram and Pagefile. (Note that the Dialog says GPU Memory, but it’s actually caused by Ram). You could fill it up by using the Landscape Tool, the Material Editor, A Blueprint Menu, Playing in-editor, Multiple Windows, Anything. Your Ram usage will climb slowly, eventually crashing the editor.

This is happening in my production-ready project, which is very large, I recommend using a similar project when reproducing, it won’t happen in a fresh empty project because obviously Ram usage there will be extremely low. It happens for me every 10 to 30 minutes, and is fairly inconsistent. Saving every 5 minutes does tend to prevent it.

My Specs:
GPU: RTX 2070 Super 8GB
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz
Pagefile: 30GB (on an SSD)
CPU: I7-7700K (Overclocked)

This shouldn’t be happening, but somehow it is, and it’s not just me. There must be a problem somewhere with memory management, because my 30GB pagefile and 16GB Ram SHOULD NOT be filling up completely, i can’t just keep endlessly increasing my Pagefile and wasting SSD space, just to stop this error from happening. Perhaps it’s related to my Ram type, or a setting somewhere in Unreal, it’s very difficult to tell because it doesn’t crash the editor, it just hard closes it.

Edit - This happens in both DirectX 11 and 12. With Raytracing disabled or enabled. It also doesn’t happen in the packaged game, just the editor.

Just to add, here’s a screenshot showing my usage before the crash. All those tabs are very simplistic blueprints, and only 3/4 map materials. The loaded level only contains 4 meshes (it’s an overview map).

The usage spiked when I hit compile on the current tab (which never finished).

Welp, it appears this maybe shouldn’t be marked resolved. I came here expecting to find a solution because our movie team is having the same issue even trying to migrate a partition to our source controlled project (we don’t want the whole city in there because it’s massive and we only need smaller shots) – any advice or explanation why UE gives the bogus video ram error would be appreciated as well.

This is still most definitely an issue.
I have a 6750XT 12gb VRAM, 64gb Corsair 5600 DDR5 RAM, an i3 12100F and I am running into the same problem.

I can consistently recreate this hard ‘crash’ (no crash report box) by jumping into a new level, creating a 32x32 landscape and sculpting for a few minutes.
Despite having nearly half of my VRAM left to use, it will abruptly close with the attached error message.

I have tried lowering the resolution, closing all other applications, and adjusting the texture streaming config to 0 from the default 70 for ‘unlimited texture streaming’ and none of these have an effect.

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

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