I cant manage to do my reconstruction with high quality preset. The computation runs for 30 hours and tells me it is out of memory.

Its a 700 photos set with 1,2M points. I have lots of free DD space and 64gb of RAM.

Althgough I don’t understand why the normal detail reconstruction is so fast, approx. 3H and the detail one runs for 30hours before giving me the error…

Do i have to setup something here ? I’ve heard it can be the number of triangles per part that can optimzed ? Can you explain me how ?

I have been able to do this so far but some edges are still wobbly. its in normal detail with only one 8K textures.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Hi henri

use the DEFINE GROUND PLANE and rotate the scene slightly, say 5-10 degrees and then SAVE the project. set the bounding box again.

Go to the RECONSTRUCTION ribbon -> SETTINGS -> MAXIMAL VERTICES PER PART and change it from 5 mil to 1 mil.
Then start the reconstruction on high again. the Depth maps have been already calculated so it will be much faster now…

Please send me few screenshots from the scene so that I can see the cameras…
send it to milos.lukac@capturingreality.com

i have the same message when i save project after alignment or reconstruction! 

ram is ok, hdd space is ok…

how can i solve?

i’m loosed last hour computation job??