Out of memory on startup

Hi! I upgraded our project from 4.11.X to 4.13 today. Everything compiles fine, but when I want to open the editor (which opens the menu map which is really simple and does not contain anything special), the editor freezes. It then takes a HUGE amount of RAM (100% of my 16 GB after a bit of time), until windows reports that it ran out of memory and needs to close Unreal Engine.

This only happens with our project. I can create a new blank blueprint project without any issues.

After trying a few times, I noticed giant log files (13+ GB). They are essentially spammed all over with the following log entry:

[2016.09.05-07.15.00:370][  1]LogSlate: Received 0 bytes, expected 56
[2016.09.05-07.15.00:370][  1]LogSlate: Received 0 bytes, expected 56
[2016.09.05-07.15.00:370][  1]LogSlate: Received 0 bytes, expected 56
[2016.09.05-07.15.00:370][  1]LogSlate: Received 0 bytes, expected 56

And so on… up to the point where I kill it. Our project also needs to compile shaders on startup. Any chances for help here?

This also happens when I try to start our game with the Right Click on Project → Launch Game option, with one difference: It does not consume this immense amount of RAM there, but still freezes and spams the log file.

Hello Kyoril,

Would it be possible for you to upload one of these log files? If size is a concern, feel free to just delete all of those repeat messages, as I’m mainly looking for what happened prior to the spam. Also, if you still have the 4.11 version of the project, could you try making another copy and converting it to 4.12 and see if the same issue occurs there? Narrowing down the version should help.

Hi Matthew,

I will try to recreate the logs, but I will need to switch back to 4.13 for that (temporarily). Btw., after that issue we down/upgraded to 4.12.5 which works fine. This error really just occurs with the 4.13 version.

A side note: We use the latest FMOD Studio Plugin for PC and PS4, and the WinDualShock plugin. As of the DualShock plugin, we use the version that shipped with the 4.12 version of the engine. Could that be a problem?

But as I said, I will upload the first parts of the log soon.

Thanks for your answer

link text

I attached the log file. I shortened it, because everything after that are just these Received 0 bytes - messages.

Thank you for the log file. There doesn’t seem to be anything immediately obvious but the mention of the plugins does make me wonder if they’re related to the problem. Just to test, would you be able to try disabling them? If you aren’t able to open the editor without freezing, you can disable the plugins by editing your .uproject file. When you open the .uproject file in a text editor, there should be an entry for each plugin with a “True” or “False” under it. Change any of the ones you want to disable to false and save the file.

I tried it by disabling all plugins, but it’s still the same. Editor window opens and freezes, and log file is spammed with these messages.

The Content Browser of the editor lists this “Discovering Assets” window (11XXX remaining). When downgrading to 4.12.5, this also showed up but the bar there filled up almost immediatly and disappeared. Could it have something to do with that?

Any more steps I could do to find the actual error?

That could be related to what’s going wrong. Does the project proceed to load without an issue in 4.12.5? Could you try closing the Viewport tab itself in one of the working versions and then convert to 4.13 to see if that helps? This seems like it could be related to the viewport itself.

If you’re not sure how to close it, you can click the little yellow tab at the top left of the viewport to un-hide the tab itself. This will allow you to close it.

If it still gives you issues, can you upload a new log file from that session?

Also, what resolution is your monitor set to?

Hi again. I have two monitors, my main monitor is at 2560x1440 (with GSync enabled) and the secondary monitor is at 1920x1080.

Closing the viewport in 4.12.5 before converting does not help, as the viewport reappears when i start it as a 4.13.0 project. Seems to be saved in an engine specific config folder somewhere?

If you could tell me what config file to edit, I might be able to close the viewport via config files because I can’t do that in the editor as it immediatly freezes after showing up.

Edit: I opened another project in 4.13 and closed the viewport there. After that, it was also closed in the copied project that doesn’t work. But still, the same error: Editor freezes, and the “Discovering Assets” thing stays.

Logs: [link text][1]

I apologize for the delay, I’m still looking into this issue but unfortunately not making much progress. I expect that this project is fairly large, but would it be possible for you to upload a copy? The easiest way, and the most private, would be to send a link to me through a PM on [our forums][1]. If possible, it would be best if you sent a 4.11 version so I could do the conversion locally.


Hello Kyoril,

Thank you for sending me a copy of the project. After looking into it and speaking with some others, I’ve found the issue. The problem is the Slate Remote Server. Disabling this will allow the project to open without an issue, which can be done in your Config files under DefaultEngine.ini. This seems to only occur in 4.13 however as it does work correctly even with it enabled in 4.14.

I would suggest disabling this for now until 4.14’s release, although it may be fixed with 4.13.1 as well.

Have a nice day!

Hi Matthew,

thank you very much!