Out of Memory error, possible memory overrun?

GitEngine 4.10.1

I ran across an interesting bug here in the engine. On startup I received an out of memory error. Debugging the issue, it looks like during slate startup and drawing the windows the first time, the referenced data used is corrupted. So, the requesting memory allocation size is some random number in a memory block.

In my case, it was an extremely high number… and received this engine error. I’ve open and closed the engine many times and this is the first time I’ve seen this error. I’m not able to reproduce at this point.

I’m a little stumped on it. Its a shared reference so it should be valid, but why isn’t the data inside of the reference good. It almost looks like a memory overrun happened that something else put data in the wrong memory address unrelated to the slateside of things. Maybe its with something in the movieplayer that isn’t thread safe.

I have attached a screenshot of the callstack, though it might not help much as my guess is its related to a memory overrun or something. I thought I would at least report this. =)

Hello Devero,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have a few questions for you about this. When you say “On startup” do you mean when you start the editor and the Unreal Project Browser appears or when you attempt to open your project? How many times did you get this to occur before it stopped happening? Was it a one time occurrence?

We will most likely need a reproduction case to investigate further but any information you can provide would be useful.

Hi , it was a one time occurence. Startup was not in Editor, it was on commandline startup, -game, through visual studio. =)

Unfortunately unless we have some kind of reliable reproduction case, it’ll be difficult to look into this issue as we can’t tell if it has been fixed. If you run into the issue again, please let us know, but until then there is nothing we can do.