Our VR game, Weeping Doll, is on Steam Greenlight - Discussion

Hi everyone,

We have been working on our game, Weeping Doll - a VR exclusive title built in UE4, and we just put it on Steam Greenlight:

Here is the trailer we made for it:

We were hoping to get some feedback from developers as well as players because this is our debut game. We focused strongly on the game narrative and visuals as it is in VR - these are crucial to create an immersive experience.

Thanks a lot!

Pressed “Yes” in Greenlight, good luck :wink:


Thank you! What do you think of the art of the game?

Art looking pretty good :wink: Maybe need more contrast in postprocess, but that is a matter of taste :wink:

Thank you. We have to be considerate with lighting in VR games because we don’t want users to get eye strain!

Oh, yes, i’m don’t want my eyes has bleeding;) Good job! :wink: