Our team switch from Unity to Unreal - The Good and the Bad (and some ugly)

ExtroForge recently made the switch from Unity to Unreal and we thought we’d share some notes about our journey.
Hope this helps others!!

Nice post… thank you.
The advantages of having source code is also unparallel… besides being ‘slave’ to the other end version cycle, it also helps us immensely to understand C++ code flow. I think Unreal will be in much better state in 4.10.

I’m quite sure I’ve read this before; not sure if fact or I’m just *******s…

It was a good read, and I would like to add one thing positive about Unreal.

It is FREE.

Not quite, you’re still obliged to pay royalties to Epic once you reach $3000 in revenue per quarter.

The really positive thing is having source code access. That means that most of the time you can just dig through the source and see how it works instead of asking questions.

For me, it is practically free. The reason is majority of developers doesn’t get to finish their games. Secondly, out of those minority who completed, even smaller percentages can consider their games is a success and therefore, pay Epic 5% of their revenue. So the barrier of entry is very low - it is like running a business without paying for rent, electricity, cars upfront. You only get to pay them when you are successful.

The best system in the world. Because it’s fair.

ps. I stopped Unity in 2009 when there was no easy way to implement multiplayer, and because their basic vs pro version and pricing.

If that interests you, current Unity model is somewhat similar to epic’s model.

You get to use it for free untill you get $100k in yearly revenue OR raise $100k in funding. Then you have to buy pro for $75 per month per seat.

However, there is no source code access.

BTW - ExtroForge is recruiting…looking for folks with ANY level of BP and/or C++ skills…

Reading this, it looks like the final engine choice is not decided.